Dangerous Dave

Dangerous Pixels is the digital product design studio and business of David Kennedy, or as his friends call him "Dangerous Dave".

Pro tip: David's are rarely that dangerous.

Dangerous Pixels focuses on UI/UX Design of digital products like mobile apps and websites.

Dave is an experienced design professional with a strong mix of design, technical and business experience.

He believes in simplicity and quality. 

Achieving both of these in the products and experiences is an art, so he uses design thinking and techniques with digital being his medium of choice. He is constantly learning and mastering his craft. 

He's the son of an artist and an IT expert, a digital creative with a degree in computer science and a streak of entrepreneurship. He's got a sharp sense of humour and enjoys making good work fun. 

He's a leader with a different, and sometimes big vision, of what could be, with an appreciation for good design, good technology and good business. He's a pragmatist with a diplomatic and collaborative approach who helps and challenges those around him to push things forward. 

He's a UI/UX & digital product designer who is passionate about crafting digital experiences that are simple, easy to use, high quality and that solve problems and drive business with a little extra dose of awesomeness.

When he's not working, he's doing something creative, practising photography or surfing.